60 SERIES (Centrifugal Pumps)

Gorman-Rupp 60 Series pumps are standard centrifugal, high pressure, high volume pumps with exceptional efficiencies (up to 85%). Discharge on many models can be placed in any position by turning the pump casing.

Model: 62E31-B ; 62F31-B ;  63D31-B ; 63E31-B ; 63E32-B ; 64B2-B ; 64K31-B ; 65A31-B ; 65A32-B ; 66B2-B ; 66B3-B ; 68A2-B ; 610M20-B ; 610M20B-B ; 612L20-B ; 612L20B-B ; 612M60-B


Size2" (50 mm), 2-1/2" (60 mm), 3" (80 mm), 4" (100 mm), 5" (125 mm), 6" (150 mm), 8" (200 mm), 10" (250 mm), 12" (300 mm)
Max Capacity6800 GPM (429 lps)
Max Head500' (152 m)
Max Solids3" (76 mm)
Max Temperature160 F (71 C)
Materials of ConstructionCast Iron, Cast Steel, Ductile Iron
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60 Series Standard Centrifugal Pumps


ItemSizeCasingImpeller / RotorDriveFlangeSeal
62E31-B3 x 2Ductile IronAluminumBasicASACarbon/Ni-Resist
62F31-B3 x 2Ductile IronAluminumBasicASACarbon/Ni-Resist
63D31-B4 x 3Ductile IronAluminumBasicASACarbon/Ni-Resist
63E31-B4 x 3Ductile IronAluminumBasicASACarbon/Ni-Resist
63E32-B4 x 3Cast SteelAluminumBasicASACarbon/Ni-Resist
64B2-B6 x 4Cast IronCast IronBasicNPTDouble Grease
64K31-B6 x 4Ductile IronAluminumBasicASACarbon/Ni-Resist
65A31-B6 x 5Ductile IronAluminumBasicASACarbon/Ni-Resist
65A32-B6 x 5Cast SteelAluminumBasicASACarbon/Ni-Resist
66B2-B6 x 6Cast IronCast IronBasicNPTDouble Grease
66B3-B6 x 6Cast IronCast IronBasicASADouble Grease
68A2-B8 x 8Cast IronCast IronBasicNPTDouble Grease
610M20-B10 x 10Cast IronDuctile IronBasicASATungsten Carbide
610M20B-B10 x 10Cast IronDuctile IronBasicASATungsten Carbide
612L20-B12 x 12Cast IronDuctile IronBasicASATungsten Carbide
612L20B-B12 x 12Cast IronDuctile IronBasicASATungsten Carbide
612M60-B12 x 12Cast IronDuctile IronBasicASASilicon Carbide