Self-Priming Pumps-T SERIES® (MÁY BƠM NƯỚC THẢI)

The self-priming centrifugal T Series® is the standard for industrial and sewage applications. The heavy duty construction and easy-to-service design have made Gorman-Rupp T Series pumps the standard in the industry. The combination of different sized pumps, impeller trims and speed variations ensure that the correct capacity pump will be matched to the exact requirements of your system, whether it's a small sub-division or a large waste collection system. These pumps feature a large volute design that allows them to reprime automatically in a completely open system without the need for suction or discharge check valves - and they can do it with the pump casing only partially filled with liquid and a completely dry suction line.


Size2" (50 mm), 3" (80 mm), 4" (100 mm), 6" (150 mm), 8" (200 mm), 10" (250 mm)
Max Capacity3400 GPM (215 lps)
Max Head130' (40 m)
Max Solids3" (76 mm)
Max Temperature160 F (71 C)
Materials of ConstructionCast Iron, CD4MCu, Stainless Steel
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T Series Self-Priming Centrifugal Pumps


Solids Handling Impeller

F_TSeries_1.jpgTwo-vane, semi-open, solids handling impeller handles up to 3" (76 mm) diameter solids, depending on pump model. Pump out vanes on impeller shroud reduce foreign material buildup behind impeller and reduce pressure on seal and bearings for extended pump life.

Exclusive Abrasion-Resistant Seal

F_TSeries_2.jpgExclusive double-floating, self-aligning oil lubricated mechanical cartridge seal with stationary and rotating face of silicon carbide is specifically designed for abrasive industrial wastewater service.

Removable Cover Plate

F_TSeries_3.jpgRemovable cover plate provides quick and easy access to pump interior without disconnecting piping. Clogs can be removed and pump returned to service in minutes. Impeller, seal, wearplate and flap valve can also be accessed through cover plate opening for inspection or service.

Replaceable Wearplate

T Series pumps feature replaceable wearplates which fasten to the cover plate and can easily be removed for inspection or service. No expensive castings to replace.

Removable Rotating Assembly

F_TSeries_5.jpgRemoval of rotating assembly allows easy inspection of pump shaft or bearings without disturbing pump casing or piping. On most models, simply remove four bolts from the back of the pump and the rotating assembly slides out.

Drive Variations

T Series Pumps are available as basic units for connection to customers' power source or may be flex-coupled or V-belt driven by an electric motor. Pumps may also be powered by gasoline or diesel engines. Electric motor driven pumps with "standby" engine power are also available.


T2 Pump F


ItemSizeCasingImpeller / RotorDriveFlangeSeal
T2A3-B2 x 2Cast IronDuctile IronBasicNPTTungsten Carbide
T2A3-B /F2 x 2Cast IronDuctile IronBasicASA SpoolTungsten Carbide
T2A3-B /FM2 x 2Cast IronDuctile IronBasicDIN SpoolTungsten Carbide
T2A60-B2 x 2Cast IronDuctile IronBasicNPTSilicon Carbide
T2A60-B /F2 x 2Cast IronDuctile IronBasicASA SpoolSilicon Carbide
T2A60-B /FM2 x 2Cast IronDuctile IronBasicDIN SpoolSilicon Carbide
T2A61-B2 x 2Cast IronStainless SteelBasicNPTSilicon Carbide
T2A61-B /F2 x 2Cast IronStainless SteelBasicASA SpoolSilicon Carbide
T2A61-B /FM2 x 2Cast IronStainless SteelBasicDIN SpoolSilicon Carbide
T2A65-B2 x 2CD4MCuCD4MCuBasicNPTSilicon Carbide
T2A65-B /F2 x 2CD4MCuCD4MCuBasicASA SpoolSilicon Carbide
T2A65-B /FM2 x 2CD4MCuCD4MCuBasicDIN SpoolSilicon Carbide
T2A71-B2 x 2Cast IronADIBasicNPTSilicon Carbide
T2A71-B /F2 x 2Cast IronADIBasicASA SpoolSilicon Carbide
T2A71-B /FM2 x 2Cast IronADIBasicDIN SpoolSilicon Carbide
T3A3-B3 x 3Cast IronDuctile IronBasicNPTTungsten Carbide
T3A3-B /F3 x 3Cast IronDuctile IronBasicASA SpoolTungsten Carbide
T3A3-B /FM3 x 3Cast IronDuctile IronBasicDIN SpoolTungsten Carbide
T4A3-B4 x 4Cast IronDuctile IronBasicNPTTungsten Carbide
T4A3-B /F4 x 4Cast IronDuctile IronBasicASA SpoolTungsten Carbide
T4A3-B /FM4 x 4Cast IronDuctile IronBasicDIN SpoolTungsten Carbide
T6A3-B6 x 6Cast IronDuctile IronBasicNPTTungsten Carbide
T6A3-B /F6 x 6Cast IronDuctile IronBasicASA SpoolTungsten Carbide
T6A3-B /FM6 x 6Cast IronDuctile IronBasicDIN SpoolTungsten Carbide