The GHA Series is designed for continuous duty service for applications in the operating ranges noted. These units are available with head and backhead jackets for temperature control, along with packing or mechanical seal options. This abrasive handling, extreme duty series, provides superior wear resistance. The design also provides superior rotor shaft support and an integral, maintenance-free radial/thrust bearing for reduced deflection and wear. Reduced speeds enable service over extended periods.


Size1-1/2" (40 mm), 2" (50 mm), 3" (80 mm), 4" (100 mm)
Max Capacity325 GPM (21 lps)
Max Viscosity250000 SSU (53925 cST)
Max Pressure200 PSI (14 BAR)
Min Temperature-60 F (-51 C)
Max Temperature500 F (260 C)
Materials of ConstructionHard Iron
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Model: GHA1 1/2GC3-B ; GHA1 1/2GC4-B ; GHA1 1/2GF3-B ; GHA1 1/2GF4-B ; GHA1 1/2GH3-B ; GHA1 1/2GH4-B ; GHA1 1/2GJ3-B ; GHA1 1/2GJ4-B ; GHA2JJ3-B ; GHA2JJ4-B ; GHA2JL3-B ; GHA2JL4-B ; GHA2JP3-B ; GHA2JP4-B ; GHA2NK3-B ; GHA2NK4-B ; GHA2NM3-B ; GHA2NM4-B ; GHA2NP3-B ; GHA2NP4-B ; GHA2RM3-B ; GHA2RM4-B ; GHA2 1/2RM3-B ; GHA2 1/2RM4-B ; GHA3NK3-B ; GHA3NK4-B ; GHA3NM3-B ; GHA3NM4-B ; GHA3NP3-B ; GHA3NP4-B ; GHA3RM3-B ; GHA3RM4-B ; GHA3RP3-B ; GHA3RP4-B ; GHA3RR3-B ; GHA3RR4-B ; GHA3RS3-B ; GHA3RS4-B ; GHA3SR3-B ; GHA3SR4-B ; GHA3SU3-B ; GHA3SU4-B ; GHA4RM3-B ; GHA4RM4-B ; GHA4RP3-B ; GHA4RP4-B ; GHA4RR3-B ; GHA4RR4-B ; GHA4RS3-B ; GHA4RS4-B ; GHA4SR3-B ; GHA4SR4-B ; GHA4SU3-B ; GHA4SU4-B.

GHA Series (G Series) Rotary Gear Positive Displacement Pumps


ItemSizeCasingImpeller / RotorDriveFlangeSeal
GHA1 1/2GC3-B1.5 x 1.5Cast IronDuctile IronBasicNPTMechanical
GHA1 1/2GC4-B1.5 x 1.5Cast IronDuctile IronBasicNPTPacking
GHA1 1/2GF3-B1.5 x 1.5Cast IronDuctile IronBasicNPTMechanical
GHA1 1/2GF4-B1.5 x 1.5Cast IronDuctile IronBasicNPTPacking
GHA1 1/2GH3-B1.5 x 1.5Cast IronDuctile IronBasicNPTMechanical
GHA1 1/2GH4-B1.5 x 1.5Cast IronDuctile IronBasicNPTPacking
GHA1 1/2GJ3-B1.5 x 1.5Cast IronDuctile IronBasicNPTMechanical
GHA1 1/2GJ4-B1.5 x 1.5Cast IronDuctile IronBasicNPTPacking
GHA2JJ3-B2 x 2Cast IronDuctile IronBasicNPTMechanical
GHA2JJ4-B2 x 2Cast IronDuctile IronBasicNPTPacking
GHA2JL3-B2 x 2Cast IronDuctile IronBasicNPTMechanical
GHA2JL4-B2 x 2Cast IronDuctile IronBasicNPTPacking
GHA2JP3-B2 x 2Cast IronDuctile IronBasicNPTMechanical
GHA2JP4-B2 x 2Cast IronDuctile IronBasicNPTPacking
GHA2NK3-B2 x 2Cast IronDuctile IronBasicNPTMechanical
GHA2NK4-B2 x 2Cast IronDuctile IronBasicNPTPacking
GHA2NM3-B2 x 2Cast IronDuctile IronBasicNPTMechanical
GHA2NM4-B2 x 2Cast IronDuctile IronBasicNPTPacking
GHA2NP3-B2 x 2Cast IronDuctile IronBasicNPTMechanical
GHA2NP4-B2 x 2Cast IronDuctile IronBasicNPTPacking
GHA2RM3-B2 x 2Cast IronDuctile IronBasicNPTMechanical
GHA2RM4-B2 x 2Cast IronDuctile IronBasicNPTPacking
GHA2 1/2RM3-B2.5 x 2.5Cast IronDuctile IronBasicASAMechanical
GHA2 1/2RM4-B2.5 x 2.5Cast IronDuctile IronBasicASAPacking
GHA3NK3-B3 x 3Cast IronDuctile IronBasicNPTMechanical
GHA3NK4-B3 x 3Cast IronDuctile IronBasicNPTPacking
GHA3NM3-B3 x 3Cast IronDuctile IronBasicNPTMechanical
GHA3NM4-B3 x 3Cast IronDuctile IronBasicNPTPacking
GHA3NP3-B3 x 3Cast IronDuctile IronBasicNPTMechanical
GHA3NP4-B3 x 3Cast IronDuctile IronBasicNPTPacking
GHA3RM3-B3 x 3Cast IronDuctile IronBasicNPTMechanical
GHA3RM4-B3 x 3Cast IronDuctile IronBasicNPTPacking
GHA3RP3-B3 x 3Cast IronDuctile IronBasicNPTMechanical
GHA3RP4-B3 x 3Cast IronDuctile IronBasicNPTPacking
GHA3RR3-B3 x 3Cast IronDuctile IronBasicNPTMechanical
GHA3RR4-B3 x 3Cast IronDuctile IronBasicNPTPacking
GHA3RS3-B3 x 3Cast IronDuctile IronBasicNPTMechanical
GHA3RS4-B3 x 3Cast IronDuctile IronBasicNPTPacking
GHA3SR3-B3 x 3Cast IronDuctile IronBasicNPTMechanical
GHA3SR4-B3 x 3Cast IronDuctile IronBasicNPTPacking
GHA3SU3-B3 x 3Cast IronDuctile IronBasicNPTMechanical
GHA3SU4-B3 x 3Cast IronDuctile IronBasicNPTPacking
GHA4RM3-B4 x 4Cast IronDuctile IronBasicASAMechanical
GHA4RM4-B4 x 4Cast IronDuctile IronBasicASAPacking
GHA4RP3-B4 x 4Cast IronDuctile IronBasicASAMechanical
GHA4RP4-B4 x 4Cast IronDuctile IronBasicASAPacking
GHA4RR3-B4 x 4Cast IronDuctile IronBasicASAMechanical
GHA4RR4-B4 x 4Cast IronDuctile IronBasicASAPacking
GHA4RS3-B4 x 4Cast IronDuctile IronBasicASAMechanical
GHA4RS4-B4 x 4Cast IronDuctile IronBasicASAPacking
GHA4SR3-B4 x 4Cast IronDuctile IronBasicASAMechanical
GHA4SR4-B4 x 4Cast IronDuctile IronBasicASAPacking
GHA4SU3-B4 x 4Cast IronDuctile IronBasicASAMechanical
GHA4SU4-B4 x 4Cast IronDuctile IronBasicASAPacking